Born out of notions of royalty, class and privilege “Canterbury Castles” offers you a rare combination of modern infrastructural facilities set in pristine, natural surroundings. The project has a glimpse of the Old English era; named after the famous city Canterbury immortalized by Chaucer in his book Canterbury Tales, the name itself radiates royalty and splendor. An epitome of luxury, the Township offers you a panoramic view of the exhilarating Nandi Hills. Basked in the endless greenery of the countryside, Canterbury Castles is away from the noise of the city, yet minutes away from civilization in terms of all your modern requirements.

Cross the threshold and enter into a world of tranquility, with blooming trees, chirping birds, sparkling lakes, breathtaking sunsets and everlasting memories.


I'm amazed at the service provided at BRD, their systematic approach towards a site vist , documentation, registration, maintenance and finally giving you your home.

Dr. Prasad
World Health Organization

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